Portland Hollywood Fitness Center affordable cheap gym

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The fun, laid back atmosphere we have at Hollywood Fitness is definitely inspired by a workout program called ActivTrax.   An Easy to use kiosk  (Or use your Smart Phone) will guide your workouts as you make steps forward in your personal fitness journey. It includes a new, customized workout sheet each time you visit the club and your very own ActivTrax Personal Trainer to support you as you need it along the way.

The program starts with an evaluation with your ActivTrax Personal Trainer. They will measure you, assess your goals and perform a strength test. Next, your evaluation results are analyzed and your first workout is formulated and ready within minutes.

Each workout sheet lays out detailed instructions for your warm up, resistance, abdominal and cardio routines. Your ActivTrax Personal Trainer will show you how to read and use the workouts. No more guessing which exercise to do, how many reps to perform, the equipment or correct weights to use.

Check out ActivTrax at Hollywood Fitness today. and gain access to all 12,000 square feet of our community space, our classes and our equipment.

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Hollywood Fitness
5223 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 281-4776