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If It Sounds Too Good To Be True

We were still children, really. Perhaps 11 or 12. In a time when innocence prevailed.

So when Don and Mark Perry, along with myself, ordered a “real submarine” made of double walled construction fiber with actual periscope. We believed it.

I remember the carton arriving, with a note stating that they were out subs but sent a tank instead. And of course it was cardboard.

Very cheesy.

A horrible waste of our precious money. And we believed that ad in the back of the comic book!

Many years later the same bogus ads are there. Slicker and louder. Better production values, the internet, infomercials.

I have occasionally been fooled. Because in reality, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So forget the pills, the fast diets, the lotions, or promises of little or no work to be healthy or lose weight. It takes time, patience, and good decisions. We try to help along that journey. To be supportive. Educate.

So stay with it. Exercise when you can. Watch what you eat. And stay away from those ads in the back of the magazines.

Stay Healthy


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