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Let the Feast Begin!

Many of you dread the upcoming holiday season. Unending plates of goodies at work brought in by your co-workers (they don’t want them at home either), multiple family dinners, parties, and Aunt Jane’s famous cookies and brownies that she always sends.

So my advice is simple……indulge.

Eat the cookies.

Enjoy the pie.

Eat the turkey, potatoes, gravy, and all of the trimmings.

Just use the 80 / 20 rule: 80 percent of your eating should be for nutrition and 20 percent for that satiating satisfaction we all enjoy.

So simply put, limit the calories. Eat smaller portions, drink a little less alcohol, work out a little more, and don’t get stressed out by the season.

We have been hard at work at the gym creating a safety net for you. A new personal training staff and programs that finally make it affordable to get the help you need. Training is now an unbelievable $22.00 per session.

Still not sure?

For first time clients, we are offering a test drive with a trainer for $10.00 per session!! (3 sessions for only 30 bucks). This is a one time offer and will not be repeated. So get a jump on the holidays with your own coach and cruise through the winter happy, healthy, and satisfied.

You can call me for details,


(503) 281-4776

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