Portland Hollywood Fitness Center affordable cheap gym

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Health Club

PKO BP Mini Ratka – Kredyt db-pożyczka na dowolny cel

PKO Bank Polski modyfikuje pożyczkę Mini Ratka. Od 20 lutego użytkownik może zdobyć finansowanie nawet do 150 000 zł na jakikolwiek cel. Również na spłatę innych pożyczek. Wielkość oprocentowania zaczyna się od 9,99 proc. w skali roku. Max Pożyczka przystępna dla stałych klientów, jak i nie korzystających jak dotąd z propozycji finansowej Banku. Oprócz podwyższenia […]

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Hollywood Fitness Tour

Hollywood Fitness Tour (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

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Zumba Hottest Latin Dance Workout

Zumba Hottest Latin Dance Workout on Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm.

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Choosing the right gym for you

There are many factors to consider when picking a gym that really meets your needs.  Your choice will help determine how successful your journey to optimum health and fitness will be.  Location.  Make sure the club is close to your place of work or home.  Studies have proven that a commute of more than 10 […]

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Pre-established Time Limits?..Yes!

Pre-established time limits put your motivation into warp-drive; knowing that you’ll be done in  20 minutes, you will be willing to work harder then you would with an open time frame. Also, by controlling the variable of duration, you’ll get a better handle on whether or not you’re truly making progess.

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Getting ready for the new year

People often ask me about new years resolutions and if they often fail.  The truth is that most will fail.  Most people will not lose the weight or get the results they want…..UNLESS you have a program to follow.  At Hollywood Fitness we start with an assessment and health history to find out your needs, […]

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You can Change the way you eat.

     I wanted to let you know WHY it is so hard to change the way you eat.  It has to be a process, not a diet.  A long term solution that works for you.  Dopamine: why “just one bite” doesn’t work The science on food addiction has now established that highly palatable foods […]

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